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Dear Readers,

You are now being injected with The plague.

Dokta Strange rapper hailingĀ from Central Islip New York, drops his first LP The Plague today October 20th 2014. The album has 10 fearsome tracks, mixed remarkably,fluidity from one song to the next was flawless. The beats were excellent! They will have you bobbing your head and tapping your fingers without you even realizing it! Bodacious bass as well as instrumentals and wicked special effects. Album features include Blu warta (R.I.P), KNES, Centri, Rallo, Vast Aire, Aythwonda, Da Cryptic One and more!

1 wit the sun Ft, Blu warta, opens with that old school bass, boom then in comes piano. Strange commands your attention from his first words to last verse. Hybrids metaphors, and intelligent word play will have you pleasantly surprised. Blu warta comes on spitting fire, bar after bar bringing to life what his words were.

All lies revealed featuring Knes,Centri,and Rallo. Intro hard bass, Hybrid attacks the beat, murdering it lyrically. Strange fuses with the beat and isn’t just rapping over a beat. Centri grabs your attention next well versed and witty Centri takes you on a ride through his verse. Knes comes on with clever and realistic metaphors that draw you in. Rallo jumps on twisting his words to elevate the song and beat.


Track List

The Plague intro

1 wit the sun

Desperate measures

Back of your mind

Ancient paragraphs

All lies revealed

Infra- Red Beam Logic


Dokta Who

Operation: Shock & Awe Freestyle bonus


You have now been infected with The Plague. Your body will no longer respond to unintelligent music, your welcome!

Download The Plague now at

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This is what you aren’t used to. Open your mind, and see the world through another’s eyes.

I loved the video and concept! Check it out!